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Our practice focuses on Medical Wellness and Aesthetics with a holistic wellness approach known as integrative medicine which takes a specialised look at the root cause of the issue and treatment is unique and individualised to provide long lasting results giving patients an opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

We believe in specialty healthcare for all.

Who are we?

Best You Medical Wellness and Aesthetics was formed by Dr Heidi Frere who is a qualified medical practitioner with a special interest in medical aesthetics and medical weight loss on an integrative level. Our experienced staff provides patients with the best care and support. We have a highly skilled skin therapist who offers a holistic skin care treatment and experience which begins with a skin analysis from our smart mirror.

Our Mission

At Best You Medical Wellness and Aesthetics, we are committed to transforming lives through our integrative approach to medical wellness and aesthetics. Our mission is to empower individuals to become the best version of themselves by addressing the root causes of their health and aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Heidi Frere

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Dr. Heidi Frere

I am a medical doctor in private practice and the proud owner of Best You Medical Wellness. I have been a General Practitioner for 22 years and completed my Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Cum Laude) at the end of 2017.

I have also completed several courses in Integrative and Functional medicine, both locally and through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), eventually working towards a fellowship in Functional medicine. I am currently enrolled with the School of Applied Functional Medicine in the USA.

Several years ago, I found my true passion in Integrative and Functional medicine as well as medical aesthetics. I have found that there is a synergy between Integrative medicine, aesthetics and medical weight loss in my practice.

Integrative and Functional medicine is part of the wellness movement. Integrative medicine is a move away from a disease-centered approach. The focus is instead on DIS-EASE. And we recognize that DIS-EASE often precedes disease.

Integrative medicine recognises that every person is unique, that there is ‘interconnectedness’ in everything – a person’s nutrition, lifestyle, stressors, genetics and toxic load.

There is a collection of ROOT causes and we go about identifying these when treating patients. Treatments, therefore, must be customized. But it’s important that patients actively participate in their wellness journey. This is the kind of medicine that we were not taught in medical school. It is science and evidence based. We actively pursue research. And while we realize the amazing strides allopathic (Western) medicine – in other words, conventional medicine – has made, in many parts of the world we are still losing the battle against chronic disease.

I started out in medicine as a GP and I am a generalist at heart, and I continue my work addressing general practice concerns at Best You Medical. However, I am striving to encourage my patients to move away from a symptom and disease based focus to a health and wellness focus.

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"Dr Heidi is a trusted colleague in the field of Aesthetic and Functional Medicine . She has a wealth of knowledge and a gentle kind and caring manner. I am very comfortable referring patient's to her and know they will be in the safest of hands."
Dr. Debbie Norval
Big shout out to Best You Team and Dr Heidi for making patients feel like family and always getting to the core of the issues - I have seen so many different doctors over the years that have never managed to sort my stomach and weight out simply because they didn’t take the time to find out what was causing the problems, and you ladies nailed it. Thank you for helping me to feel happy and healthy again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Highly recommend this practice !
Nadine Wilken

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